co-owner & founder of the La Collezine chain

Riccardo Lucque


Founder of La Collezione

Riccardo' s career in gastronomy began at age of 16, working in hotels in the Marche region of Italy. In 1990 he began working at the Michelin starred Da Alceo seafood restaurant in Pesaro. Since 1993 Riccardo worked in London, e.g. for Zafferano restaurant. Because of his work he moved for a short time also to New York. In 2002 Riccardo came to Prague as headchef of restaurant called Square. Three years later he opened his first restaurant - Aromi on Mánesova street. La Finestra in Cucina and La Bottega bistros followed shortly.


Co-founder of La Collezione

After finishing the hotel school in Klánovice, Ondřej went to England, where he studied Business Administration at a business school and at the same time gained experience in various restaurants. During his stay in Britain, he often made trips to Italy, which he fell in love with. After returning to Czech republic, he worked at the Square restaurant on Malostranské náměstí, where he met Riccardo Lucque for the first time. Their collaboration begins in 2005, when Ondřej helps to Riccardo open the Aromi restaurant in Vinohrady, and four years later, as co-owners, they opened the restaurant La Finestra in Cucina in the center of Prague.

Radek Hasman




Barbora Ratajová

Barbora ratajová

general manager 

‭+420 606 391 689

Barbora started her career in her home town of Tabor, working for 10 years in Havana restaurant. Her next position was in Prague at the Aloha cocktail bar and the Bokovka wine bar. For the last 3 years, Barbora waited tables at Bistroteka, until she was promoted to manager. In summer 2019 she became general manager of La Bottega di Finestra.

Petr Jíčínský

Petr Jíčínský



After graduating from hotel school in Teplice, Petr worked abroad as a barman and waiter. He first went to Rhodes in Greece, and then on to the Aran Islands in the Republic of Ireland. After returning to Prague, he worked for the Wine & Food Market for five years as the restaurant and bar manager. He then spent a year as general manager at a Mexican restaurant. Petr returned to Italian cuisine when he joined the team at La Bottega di Finestra as the manager.