snídaňové menu


Eggs Benedict
Uova Benedettine

215 Kč

Scrambled eggs with marinated salmon and mascarpone
Uova strapazzate, salmone marinato
e mascarpone

215 Kč

Omelette with Fontina cheese
Omelette alla Fontina

185 Kč

3 minute eggs in the glass, clarified butter
and chives
Uova cucinate 3 minuti nel bicchiere burro
chiarificato e cipollina

125 Kč

Fried eggs and ham
Uova al prosciutto cotto

195 Kč


Chia seeds with fresh fruit, hazelnuts and goji
Semi di Chia con frutta fresca, nocciole
e bacche di goji

145 Kč

Banana omelette with fresh fruits
and Greek yoghurt
Omelette di banane con frutta
fresca e yogurt greco

165 Kč

Porridge with fresh banana and sunflower seeds
Porridge con banana e semi di girasole

145 Kč

Find the entire menu in PDF format here.

The menu with labeled allergens is available upon request of the staff.
Service charge of 12, 5% will be added to the final bill for the groups of 8 and more guests.