new year's eve menu

Tuna with capers, anchovies and tomatoes
Les Parcelles Bouzy Grand cru Champagne 2019 (0,1 l)
 215 Kč

Halibut with beetroot, buckwheat, orange and lemon
Sauvignon Voglar 2016, Peter Dipoli (0,15 l)
225 Kč

Creamy potato soup with saffron, chanterelles and chives

Beef ravioli with Jerusalem artichokes, foie gras and Chianti
Chianti 2016, Fontodi (0,15 l)
269 Kč

Saddle of deer with salsify, celery root, truffles and almonds
Le Cupole 2017, Tenuta di Trinoro (0,15 l) *
315 Kč

Coconut cake

Clementine crème brûlée
Moscato di Pantelleria Kabir 2017, Donnafugata (0,1 l) 
145 Kč

* Via del Vino import

More info about New Year’s Eve menu will be provided by our staff or via email You may be asked to pay the deposit.