La Bottega Di Finestra is the shop & bistro with Italian delicacies which offers only the best products. Riccardo Lucque and Ondřej Rákosník have opened the shop in January 2012.

We wrap all products purchased from La Bottega di Finestra in a special packaging that allows for longer storage. Thanks to the unique structure of the paper and it special pores, products can breathe and their freshness and shelf life are extended.


The front of the shop, which operates as a bistro, is where you can order breakfast, enjoy Gianni Frasi coffee, have a quick lunch from the daily menu, or simply buy food to take away. A wide range of wines, salamis, Parma hams and cheese encourage relaxing shopping and dining.

Shop offer

In the back of the shop are daily fresh fish and meat including a unique box for the maturation of meat. La Bottega di Finestra offers the authentic Italian pastries, which are baked every day by Mimmo, our baker from Altamura in southern Italy. You can also taste the desserts prepared by the Italian confectioner Daniele or try chocolate delicacies from Claudio Corallo. The main supplier of the certified “aged” meat from the Marche region is Mr. Domenico Celli, an Italian breeder of the rare Marchigiana beef.


We prepare several types of fresh pasta every day in our production La Bottega Tusarova.  We use semolina flour for all our pastas except ravioli.


Master baker Domenico Colaianna, or Mimmo, bakes beautiful fresh Italian bakery every day. Mimmo is from Puglia in the province of Bari and is an expert on Pane di Altamura and natural yeast.


In our selection you can find Salami di Cinta Senese, Salami al Tartufo (truffle), wild boar salami and several kinds of mortadella. Our main meat supplier, Domenico Celli also produces for us a homemade prosciutto, called Prosciutto di Fiocca.