Welcome spring with us and our new seasonal dishes. They are lighter, more colourful, and incorporate the flavour of the Spring ingredients. Our new menu starts Monday, 9. 4. 2018. The new spring menu prepared by chef Lukáš Pocnar uses the fresh taste of sweet spring peas, fresh spinach, piquant radishes and other spring ingredients. Of course, all combined with our quality products. This combination will result in an empty plate and a smile on your face.

We know that sometimes spring brings not so sunny days, rain and storms. But we are ready for that with our soups. You can taste chicken stock with liver dumplings like grandma made. Or a creamier option, baked onion soup with guanciale and parmesan.

You can find a lot of new dishes in our pasta section, but we still have your favorite fresh pasta with beef neck ragout. You like it so much, we couldn’t forget it on the new menu, so it is the one and only dish from the old menu. Besides this, we recommend the ravioli stuffed with spinach, ricotta, anchovies, garlic and tomatoes, or the eggplant risotto with olive tapenade and baked tomato pesto. 

Everyone can find their own favorite in the main dishes section. Fish lover should choose the cod fish loin with lemon butter, cauliflower, oven-​dried tomatoes and buckwheat. If you prefer meat, we recommend beef strip loin with roasted potatoes, broccoli, radishes and watercress, or the supreme of corn-​fed chicken with carrot purée, sweet peas and marinated shallots.

Come in and convince yourself that the freshest ingredients are the best. You can reserve your table by email at lafinestra@labottega.cz, or call +420 222 233 094. We look forward to seeing you!