Pre-Christmas Barrel Opening

Dear guests,

We would like to inviteyou to the pre - Christmas opening of a very special barrel of Pecorino Cheese, which will be held on Thursday, December 13th from 3 p.m. in La Bottega di Finestra, Platnéřská 11, Prague 1.

The tradition of the Marche region of Italy is to waste nothing. This even applies to the pomace, the skins and seeds of grape after the pressing of wine. Roberto Lucarelli, who grows Bianchello grapes is using them to make the traditional fermented sheep cheese, Pecorino di Cartoceto. The cheese and the pomace are sealed in oak barrels, and the heat of fermentation creates a unique flavour. The cheese is left in the barrels until mature.

Come and take part in the opening of the first barrel of Pecorino di Cartoceto cheese combine with a tasting of the Bianchello wine in our shop.

We are looking forward toyou!

La Bottega di Finestra team