Black Buffalo Mozzarella 

19. November 2015

Dear guests,

The really hot new product has come to our shops La Bottega. La Nera di Bufala or Black Buffalo Mozzarella. We are proud to be an exclusive distributor of this unique mozzarella for the Czech Republic.

La Nera di Bufala

This is a typical Buffalo Mozzarella from Campania, but with the difference that has black colour. Are you curious why? During this Black Buffalo Mozzarella production is used a vegetable coal, which, incidentally, supports digestion. And that is why the black mozzarella is  more digestible than the classic white mozzarella. But Black Mozzarella keeps its specific and delicate flavour. Additionally, when you split this mozzarella in half the white milk is flowing from her, creating a beautiful contrast of black and white.

Come to taste this exceptional mozzarella to our bistros La Bottega.

We look forward to you!

La Bottega di Finestra team