Bianchetto Truffle Time

Dear guests,

The Bianchetto Truffle season has just begun. White spring truffles are highly prized by gourmets and they are popular mushroom that grow mainly in the Mediterranean. Italy ranks among the largest producers.

Truffle fruiting bodies grow in deciduous forests (mainly oak), about 20 cm below the surface and are irregular in shape as the potato. It is so widespread that truffles are raked up by trained pigs. But in Italy, this method of collection is since 1985 prohibited, and for the truffles search specially trained dogs are used.

Truffles with its unmistakable aroma and flavour include most of the culinary gems. Most commonly used for food seasoning, both in the raw and in otherwise modified form.

Truffles Bianchetto look like white truffles, but by maturation they are getting darker. Their aroma is delicate and reminds garlic.

Come to taste risotto or pasta with Bianchetto truffles imported from Umbria.

Be our guest and come to sample this gourmet delicacy. We look forward to meeting you!

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